Day 1 of 365: An Introduction

Ah. Here we are, at last. After years of contemplation and general procrastination, I have managed to take five minutes out of my day to create a blog.

All self incrimination aside, hello! I suppose you may have some questions. You probably don’t have any questions. That’s okay. I’m going to answer them anyway.

Why are you called Anxiety Boss?

That’s an amazing question! It’s almost like I asked the question myself.

Okay, I’ll answer with sincerity. It is quite a literal name. I am the boss of anxiety because I have anxiety under control. I am here to guide others to take back control, and become a boss of anxiety themselves.

Why does your title have numbered days?

It is a self motivation tactic for myself. I like to take time on things I do to perfect them, and oftentimes I’ll get frustrated because nothing will turn out the way I want it to. I’m giving myself a time limit. If I only have fifteen minutes to sit down and write a blog post one day, I’m taking that fifteen minutes to post something because I’m not losing my blogging streak.

Will you quit if you fulfill the 365 days?


That’s all the questions for now. Tomorrow we will immediately delve into the topic of managing anxiety.

Have a question you’d like to ask?

Email me:

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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