Day 2 of 365: What is anxiety?

Asking what anxiety is may sound like a silly question, but to fully understand yourself or your loved one, you must understand the fundamentals. You won’t understand e=mc^2 if you don’t understand exponents. It is essential to identify exactly what anxiety is, so you know when you are feeling it and how to overcome it. So, what is anxiety?

Anxiety in the simplest terms is a feeling of worry. In our more primal days anxiety was used to survive. If we never felt threatened, humans wouldn’t be alive today. If we lacked the sense of fear, we wouldn’t feel threatened to hug a bear. It is an essential component of our very beings. Over time, anxiety has become less useful. Instead of feeling anxious about potential danger (which we still do, to a far less extent because danger is much more rare) we feel it during other portions of our lives. Anyone can understand the feeling of anxiety, maybe it was felt right before a first date, or a big test. We have all felt it. But that’s where many people start to underestimate the power of anxiety as an illness.

What separates anxiety from anxiety disorder?

Similar to depression, feeling anxious during necessary times is different than having anxiety. Imagine your brain as a large circle. The large circle represents yourself, or when you feel ‘normal.’ Within that large circle is a much smaller one which represents anxiety. For the most part, you feel normal and occasionally feel anxious. This is how most people are. Now imagine those same circles, but swap the labels. This is you with an anxiety disorder. For the most part, you feel anxious and occasionally feel normal.

If you are the latter, visit a doctor for professional help if you haven’t already. After you’ve visited a doctor, come back to this blog, and learn how to become the boss of your anxiety.

As someone that has been there myself, I don’t doubt any of you. You’ve got this.

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